The Great Discovery

“We will learn how to dream the big dream. Think about that big dream. Plan how to realize that big dream, and do the actions that are necessary to bring it into reality.”
- Dr. Mikel J. Harry

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Bentley's Dream is written for kids in kindergarten to Grade 3. The message is simple: Dreams Are Achievable.

Bentley is a special dog who has a big dream. Bentley is told by his dog friend Keto that it is rare for big dreams to come true. But Bentley uses The Proven Path to Success to realize his dream. Bentley helps to keep a girl from chasing a ball into the street. He finds a lost blanket for his dog friend Vinny. And gets the attention of a lifeguard who saves his dog friend Milly from drowning. Bentley's dream came true because he selflessly took action to help his dog friends and family.

The Proven Path to Success is a Breakthrough Thinking Strategy documented in The Great Discovery: Do the Dreaming, Dream the Doing, Plan the Doing, Do the Plan. The Great Discovery is process that shows everyone how to change their thinking from ordinary to extraordinary. The Great Discovery was developed by Dr. Mikel J. Harry, the Co-Creator and Chief Architect of Six Sigma which has been named as one of the Top 10 management Innovations of the last 150 years.

An important feature of Bentley's Dream is a detailed explanation of the story for the parent or teacher. Sandra Harry and Catherine Lawson show children and adults how to become extraordinary thinkers like others who have followed the "Proven Way of Thinking."

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About Us

Bentley is a very special dog. He is of service to his friends and family in helping them to feel safe and secure. He loves to help others achieve their dreams so they can live a happy and fulfilled life.

Our Team

Sandra Harry


Sandra Harry lives in Florida. She is the CEO of The Great Discovery and widow of Dr. Mikel J. Harry who created The Great Discovery. She is a coach and consultant. Her life mission is to make The Great Discovery available to everyone, regardless of age, so they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Catherine Lawson, Ph.D


Catherine Lawson, Ph.D. lives in Arizona. She is an engineer, author, coach and consultant. She serves as the Chief Knowledge Officer of the Great Discovery and co-wrote The Great Discovery novel with Dr. Mikel J. Harry. Catherine enjoys helping people achieve their life dreams.

Nikki Boetger


Nikki Boetger is a professional illustrator living in rural Indiana. In the last 15 years, she has created art for over 50 published works including, early educational workbooks, floorpads, sticker books, coloring books, puzzles, games, novelty books, picture books.

Alan Leduc

Managing Director

Alan Leduc is author of Learning to Think…Leadership: Understanding Dr. Mikel J. Harry’s Six Sigma Way of Thinking. Alan worked directly with Dr. Harry for 15 years and has continued to carry on Dr. Harry’s legacy through his role as Technical Director for SSMI (Dr. Mikel J. Harry Six Sigma Management Institute).

Kids at Heart Publishing, LLC

TGD Kids has chosen Kids At Heart Publishing, LLC as our publisher. Kids At Heart is an independent publishing house started in 2010 by Shelley Davis and is located in Cambridge City, Indiana.

The mission of Kids At Heart Publishing is to help each writer put their dreams and words into print through a proven method that is rewarding, fun, and affordable. Each of our authors is very important to us. Kids At Heart understands, respects, and honors each authors feelings of pride. Shelley Davis, owner, works closely with each author, walking them through the entire publishing process in pursuit of a successful publishing experience.

Kids At Heart owner Shelley Davis has published 20 books of her own as well and over 200 titles from more than 150 writers. Any type of work is encouraged including collections of short stories, long stories, poems, and children’s books.


The Origin of TGD Kids

Dr. Mikel J. Harry ( is the Co-creator and Chief Architect of Six Sigma. Six Sigma has been recognized as one of the top ten management innovations in the last 150 years and has been use by more than 80% of the Fortune 100 companies.

Mikel deployed Six Sigma at General Electric and ask Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE and one of the greatest leaders of our generation, “Jack, what didn’t Six Sigma do for you?” Jack replied, “Mikel, Six Sigma only focuses on training about 5% of the organization. What about the other 95%?”

Later after a successful deployment of Six Sigma at Ford Motor Company, Mikel met with Ford CEO Jacques Nasser, to thank him for the “big fat check” he had written to him. Jacques response was, “Mikel, I would have doubled that check if you could have taught us how you think.”

Mikel did not have an answer to those comments, but they nagged at him and he dedicated five years to what became The Great Discovery – The Six Sigma Way of Thinking, Dr. Mikel J. Harry’s Way of Thinking, for the other 95%. You can find information on The Great Discovery at

The Great Discovery provides virtually any person, team or organization a way to transform ordinary performance into extraordinary results that are sustainable and repeatable. It is The Six Sigma Way of Thinking for the other 95%.

Proven Way of Thinking

TGD Kids expands Dr. Mikel J. Harry's idea of teaching his Proven Way of Thinking to everyone to include "Our Kids."